Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is a key feature of running a successful dental clinic, it allows you to fill the gaps in your books, educate your patients on what you offer, introduces them to your practice, and most importantly keeps you at the top of their minds.

According to Hootsuite’s latest report conducted in 2020, there is over 25 million people in Australia, from those there is over 18 million active social media users with 94% of people owning a mobile phone. It is becoming more important to ensure that dental practices have a strong presence on social media. In Australia 26% of new brand discovery happens on social media and 42% comes from SEO marketing.

Social media doesn’t have to be a chore or a timely process, but with these simple tips you can keep it streamlined and be sure you are on the right track to generate new patients and fill up those appointment books.

Keep your content updated
When a potential patient is doing research of what practice they should visit it is important that you are putting your best foot forward; the best way to do that is with up-to-date, relevant content. When a potential patient comes across your page (whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Website, Blog, etc.) it will determine how they view your practice; if they see something that has been unintentionally neglected or hasn’t been used efficiently it will leave an imprint on them and can deter them from booking an appointment. Whereas if your content has been updated, your page looks fresh it will have the opposite effect on potentials.

Generate a brand identity
Generating a brand identity is key when creating a marketing plan. You need to be able to tell your patient, who you are, why you are there, and most importantly what you can do for them. For example; you all know someone who hates going to the dentist, people put it off because of their anxiety, fear, or whatever else it may be. One thing that can put them at ease is showing them who you are, why you do what you do, and educating them on how you are to help them. By using content to do this you can take the stress out of visiting a dentist and start a conversation with your patients before they even step into the door, putting them at ease for their next visit.

Use the right tools
By utilising the right tools, you can revitalise your social media strategy with ease, at Dental Innovations we have recently launched ‘Social Sharing’ for our members. Social Sharing is an online platform with an abundance of content ready and available for you to use. We have been working hard at making your life that little bit easier with ready-made content fit for your Instagram, Facebook page or blog. We have even gone a step further by creating a personalised function where you are able to insert your practice logo, team photo, or add your own text to any of the numerous templates on offer to make them your own.

Another resource available to our members is Social Genics; Social Genics provides your dental practice with quality monthly articles and video content for your websites or blogs. There are four targeted articles written each month with the option of customised content. There is minimal effort required on your behalf, instead you are asked to utilise this resource to grow your practice and online presence.

There has never been a better time to take another look at your social media strategy or to start implementing one. For more information about Dental Innovations and our social sharing platform please contact Khadija on 0401 336 412 or