Dental Innovations Success Story #1

Success Stories

 Dr PR and Dr SP are two dentists in Victoria who decided to open their first dental clinic 5 years after graduation. Being new to the business of running a dental practice, and wanting to avoid the common pitfalls new practice owners face, they enlisted help from the Dental Innovations team.

Upon joining, they quickly took advantage of services, as they needed a lot of equipment, to stock their new surgery with consumables, and get started with practice management software (for which they enjoyed a 25% discount).

We also helped them streamline their ordering right from the beginning where we uploaded a start-up dental consumable list on their online ordering system. This saved wasted time and money, and ensured their online ordering profile was the most efficient it could be right from the start.

Dental Innovations got them started on a range of different services from setting up HICAPS at their clinic to ordering handpieces. They were able to benefit from advice regarding their many questions, both from the Dental Innovations team and from the other practice owners in the members forum. This helped reduced the steep learning curve associated with being new to practice ownership.

As millennial dental graduates they also enjoy the peer to peer networking side of Dental Innovations. In fact, they’ve told us the advice they get from their peers who are long standing dental innovation members in Australia has been the service they most enjoy and benefit from. It is a secure space for them where they can ask questions which are treatment related as well as business related on the Dental Innovations chat forum. Being members of Dental Innovations helped lay the foundation for their success with now a second practice being launched to cater for patient demand.

Listen to what our other members have to say
"I have been a DI member for over 8 years. I enjoy the Online Ordering Portal where I can use multiple suppliers at once as it saves me both time and money. I also use the other business services as I go like the electricity discount and many others."
 Dr Paul Mattiussi
Dayboro QLD